Pie & Mash since 1937

We’ve made, baked and served traditional East End Pie & Mash in Roman Road Market, London since 1937. All of our pies are hand made in our in-house bakery using a recipe handed down through three generations.

  • Hand-made & baked in-house
  • Only British beef
  • Free range British chicken
  • Fresh mashed potato
We are one of London’s last Pie & Mash shops to produce and bake all of our pies within our in-house bakery.

We have retained the quality reputation of our Pie & Mash by using only quality ingredients & the traditional methods passed down three generations. Find out more…

We also offer our unique 1930s Art Deco Pie & Mash shop for hire and can arrange delivery for your event. See events for more information.

Pie and mash shop opening 1937

Our history

Our shop was founded in 1937 by George Kelly, lending the shop its name.

In the mid 1950s the shop was bought by Bill Kingdon, George’s brother in law. Today, the shop is run by Sue, Bill’s daughter and her son Neil.

Read our extended history to learn more.

a plate of pie and mash

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